Yutorisuto Park Otoyo

Let’s greatly enjoy an outdoor life and the magnificent scenery at the elevation of 777 meters!

Yutorisuto Park Otoyo Let’s greatly enjoy an outdoor life and the magnificent scenery at the elevation of 777 meters!





Log house

Log house

RV Parking Site

Enjoy an outdoor life, feeling a beauty of nature

Yutorisuto Park Otoyo is an outdoor tourist facility with accommodations, campsites, dog parks, and more at the elevation of 777 meters. Staying overnight would give you special enjoyable scenery: a superb Sea of Clouds which you may watch early in the morning and Stars in Heaven on fine days.

Admission will be free as of 25 March 2022. Please feel free to visit our park.


  • Park Hours:10:00~17:00
  • Regular Holidays: every Tuesday (next day if Tuesday is a national holiday)
    • ※Open daily in spring holidays, Golden Week, summer holidays
    • ※Holiday schedule may change from December to March during a winter operation
    • ※Cottages, campsites, log houses, RV camping sites open throughout a year
  • Park Admission: Admission Free


Cottage: check in after 3 pm, check out before10 am
Campsites, log houses,
RV camping sites: check in after 2pm, check out before10am,
【daytime use】check in after 11am, check out before 4pm

Accommodations fees

+Additional Fee/person
Basic Fee Adult(12+) Children(6 to 11)
Cottage/night 13,400Yen/cottage 1,100 Yen 550 Yen
Cottage/daytime 6,700Yen/cottage 600 Yen 300 Yen
Log house/night 5,400Yen/log house 600 Yen 300 Yen
Log house/daytime 2,700Yen/log house 600 Yen 300 Yen
Campsite/night 2,400Yen/site 600 Yen 300 Yen
Campsite/daytime 1,200Yen/site 600 Yen 300 Yen
RV Parking Site/night 1,500Yen/car Electricity 500Yen/car, Garbage disposal 300Yen/car
Pet accommodation fee at cottage/log house 1,100Yen/night/dog
  • ※All the accommodations fees include the park admission and tax.
  • ※Free for children under 5 years old.
  • ※Cancellation fees are due one week before scheduled staying dates
    (7 days earlier: admission fees’ 10%, one day earlier or on the scheduled day: 50%)
  • ※Possible to make a reservation 3 months earlier at the internet reservation site, “NAP” (https://camprsv.com/10952/),
    and 6 months earlier by phone at Yutorisuto Park Office

Rental Equipment and Gear

Equipment and Gear Fee (Yen/night) Remarks
Tent (up to 5 sets) 2,600
Tarp 1,100 No usage at windy and rainy weather
Sleeping bag 2,000 For one person
Blanket 1,000 For one person
Table, chair set 1,600 Include four chairs
Barbeque grill (for 10 persons) 3,600 Include net, charcoal, metal tongs, lighters
Barbeque grill (for 4 persons) 2,100 Include net, charcoal, metal tongs, lighters
Gas/electric lantern 1,100 Include a gas cylinder, but need extra battery fees
Hot plate(for 4 persons) 2,100
  • ※We may ask visitors to compensate us for possible stains and damages after use for rental equipment.

Sanitrary Facilites Usage Fee

Equipment Fee
Warm shower 100 Yen/5minutes
Washing machine 200 Yen/use
dryer 100 Yen/use

Park Map

Park Map

Direction Map

Directions to Yutorisuto Park Otoyo

  • ・Exit at Otoyo IC on Kochi Expressway and take National Road No. 32 and drive 14 kms
  • ・Take a 20-minute drive by taxi drive by taxi at Osugi Stataion on JR Dosan Line.


On-line Reservation

キャンプ場検索・予約サイト 「なっぷ」

Reservation by phone


  • Office hours:10:00 to 17:00
  • Regular holidays:Tuesday
    next day if Tuesday is a national holiday

Instructions for using campsites (PDF)